High end restaurant x sustainability
"Japan"is a country where you can experience the best food culture with various wonderful ingredients from the ocean and the beautiful mountains.
L'Argent is a restaurant located in centre of Japan ,producing some of the best food experiences in the world.
However, due to several reasons, the global environment has changed. Food supplies have decreased and we are facing a crisis in our gastronomic community.
At L'Argent we make delicious, enjoyable and most importantly sustainable dishes for the customers.
Chef Kato's knowladge and skills go beyond just creating delicious and beautiful dishes but focusing on various problems such as prevention of global worming and overexploitation of rare ingredients.
We aim to minimize food loss and food mileage by using local and seasonal ingredients so our customers have an amazing dining experience.
Through dining at Largent, we hope to convey the best produce that japan has to offer while doing our part to sustain the amazing ingredients for future generations.


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